Friday, July 04, 2008

Wednesday Farmer's Market, Little Italy

Troy now has a farmer's market on Wednesdays from 3-6. It's in Little Italy, behind the old Vanilla Bean bakery. It's a perfect spot for a farmer's market-- lots of parking and lots of space. There were maybe about 12 or so vendors selling everything from fresh produce-- strawberries, greens, carrots--to yarn and candy. I stopped Four Brothers, a cheesemongery, and bought some delicious, fresh haloumi.

I also got some cookies at the nearby Ridvan bakery. And this is what I did with the haloumi:
Salad. First I toasted the walnuts and the haloumi in the toaster oven. Then added olive oil, pepper, and salt. The lettuce is from my neighbors' garden. Delicious.


Emily said...

Just want to say thanks for this great blog...I check it often and quickly run out to try the new places you mention! I am a lifelong resident of Troy and am so thrilled about the recent revival. Looking forward to more great entries.

Anonymous said...

dishanddirt! hi, it's troy neighborhood markets! aka jean krueger and donna mullen. thanks for the review last summer, i just ran across it. we have a web site now,, that we're working on. we will also add another market on wed. morniong, 6/3 to 9/30, monument square in dwntown Troy, 10 am to 2pm.Stay in touch? do you twitter?