Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chow Down at CCK

299 Central Avenue, Albany

M-Th 11-10:30 pm
Friday 11-11:30 pm
Sat. 11:30am -11:30pm
Sunday 11:30am -10 pm

CCK is a Chinese food-lover's dream come true. It is run by the same people who brought us Ocean Palace, which closed this year because of something having to do with the ownership of the building. Bring a big appetite with you: you will want to order everything.

CCK is much smaller than Ocean Palace, but the menu is just as dazzling with variety and the food just as authentic. If anything, there is a cozier vibe at CCK.

I went with my friend who also loves Chinese food and we had a feast:

This was the flounder in black bean sauce (a special, similar to the sea bass I used to get at Ocean Palace). You can get the dim sum all day, which my friend did, as they didn't have the crispy chicken he wanted (they said this particular dish would be available on Saturdays). We also tried their congee, something I had never had. This one had chicken and peanut in it. It is very simple (just a mushy rice soup basically) but delicious, something that I imagine would be supergood in the depths of winter:

The menu is mind-bogglingly huge and includes everything from your typical dishes loved by Americans (spring rolls, beef with broccoli, Lo Mein) to the more exotic: Conch with Brown Mushrooms, Jelly Fish (part of their dim sum menu), Fried Fish Head in Casserole. I will have to go back and see if their in-house menu is different from what I remember at Ocean Palace. It seemed pretty similar to me. Thank God. I was so worried when Ocean Palace closed. I know now that I will be able to make it through another winter, thanks to CCK.


Sandor said...

You made it!
You finally made!
Everything we said it was, eh?

Definitely get the Crispy Chicken next time, but be warned: When you stare into this dish, it stares back at you! :)


Nosher said...

Hi there,
Thanks for recommending this place on your blog. I do have to say that, after having been to CCK twice now, I don't think it's quite as good as Ocean Palace (But OP is a lot to live up to!)
Hubs and I went to CCK yesterday and we had stuff that seemed a little more American styled (sugary sauces--I got shrimp w/garlic, and my husband's beef w/noodles not as toothsome as same dish at OP). But still... can't complain that we have this place that is truly authentic. I look forward to trying out more things there so I can find my favs! I want to try the soy sauce chicken.

Sandor said...

Aha! Mystery solved!

Per the TU's Joe Dalton, the name "CCK" stands for "Capital Chinese Kitchen"!