Thursday, January 12, 2006

José Malone, part two

I ate at José Malone's again the other night, and it was still impressive, but the honeymoon is over (alas, it never lasts long for me, your discerning and spoiled Nosher). While the service was as good as before, and the ambience is still excellent, the relationship is now at the stage where I don't think they're perfect anymore.

I ordered the vegetable tamale, and while the sides (rice, beans, carrots) were awesome, the tamale was quite mushy. Maybe it's more difficult to make a vegetable tamale than a meat tamale-- I don't know, I've never made one. It was presented beautifully, but it lacked flavor. My margarita was okay, but next time I'm ordering it off the rocks.

However, the cheese dip is positively addictive. And I still recommend you go there; after all, this is what, only their third month of operation?

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