Monday, January 02, 2006

Carmen's Cafe

Update on Carmen's:
Carmen's cafe is open from 7 a.m.- 3 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday. The cafe sometimes plans events for dinner/tapas nights-- she announces this usually through the Washington Park newsletter. I'll post again here if she decides to open regular dinner hours. (Updated 5/26/06 by Nosher).

Well, I haven't actually been out to eat in the past few days, because I've been too busy munching on holiday chocolates and the like at home.

So this will be a post about Carmen's Cafe, which I visited for the first time around Dec. 24th. Carmen's is located in Troy on the corner of Adams and First Streets and used to be called Isabel's.

Well, Carmen has taken over, and is changing things, all for the better. The venue is very local and very humble (probably no one who doesn't live or work in the immediate vicinity really knows about it-- *yet*), but s has a lot of potential. I believe this is only her second week or so with this new format.

Carmen's is open for breakfast and lunch, 6am - 2pm, and now also open for dinner (Isabel's was not) Tues-Sat. Call first before going for dinner just to make sure: 272-3011.

When I was there, I had lunch: Cuban eggs (eggs on top of rice) with a wonderful small avocado salad and plantains. For dessert, my lunch companion and I had a homemade creme caramel. Can I quote Rachael Ray and say: YUM?!

The menu is a combination of American-style comfort food, and Carmen's own mix of Cuban-Puerto Rican influenced home cooking. You heard it first here on dish and dirt.

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