Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Since I've written about Ocean Palace before here, I thought I should tell any readers that it has closed. This post by Steve Barnes at the Times Union explains that their lease ran out:

Click here to read all the info. we have so far.

Does anyone know what CCK is? Or what it stands for?

You'd think that a restaurant wouldn't just abandon loyal customers like that-- that they'd leave a sign on the old building or issue a press release or something.

In other news, Moxie's is open again-- there is a reason to live.


Albany Jane said...

I have no idea what CCK stands for.

All I know is it used to be an okay-ish, but not outstanding Chinese place(to me), which now has the owner/chef from Ocean Palace behind the stove. I keep meaning to go and try the 'new' CCK out again.

Sandor said...

Per Cynthia C.'s review on Yelp, "[t]hey said that CCK (an abbreviation for something else) is a lucky name and they didn't want to change it."

You can read my take on it here,
Omnivorous Rex! aka Sandor's Sup
but from my latests trips there I think CCK stands for...

Cooked Crab King!

The Hong Kong-style crab is great, and pretty much every other dish I've had there, too.

Don't fret...just go!

Jennifer said...

Yes, see the following link.

Nosher said...

Thanks for that link-- that looks very promising. I can't wait to try it out.