Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ethnic food festivals

This is a brief post to say that I'd like to get out to more of the wonderful ethnic food festivals in the Capital Region.

I've read signs that advertise for an Armenian food festival on Sunday, August 5, from 11-4 on Spring Ave. in Troy.

I think it's here.

If I do go I'll post with pics. Also there are Italian and Greek festivals, not to mention Lebanese, Ukrainian... if anyone has tips on other good festivals to go to, please post and let me know.


Downstater said...

As a non-native to upstate NY, I find the lack of ethnic people and culture and food to be profound. I grew up near NYC and it was so much more interesting to me to have a mix of people of all colors, religions and backgrounds. Are there any areas you know of in upstate NY (Albany and Saratoga areas) where ethnic foods and festivals are prevalent? Any specialty food stores? Thanks. Downstater

Nosher said...

Hi Downstater!
Yeah, I really know what you mean. However I have found that the best food in this region usually is the ethnic food. Just a few of my favorites: Karavalli (regional Indian cooking) in Latham; Al Baraki (Lebanese food, on River Street in Troy); DeFazio's (Italian pizzeria, also Troy). There are a few great ethnic markets here: Chinese food market on Colvin Ave., and an Italian market I have yet to go to but got voted best in Metroland Cardona's in Albany. There's lots to discover here, you just have to look! Don't give up.